The Roger Wilson Guitar Studio was established in 1973 in the North Atlanta Buckhead neighborhood.

June of 2013 marked the 40th anniversary of the Roger Wilson Guitar Studio of Atlanta, Georgia. The first location was at 220 Pharr Road in the Buckhead neighborhood of North Atlanta, from 1973 to 1980. It was then located at 2796 Piedmont Road from 1980 until 1985. The business operated fulltime during that period, but is still in existence today in Kennesaw, GA in an online capacity. During the 12 years at the brick & mortar location in Atlanta, hundreds of people passed through learning guitar from local instructor, Roger Wilson. He is now a national Blues-Rock-Americana-Folk guitarist/singer/songwriter now known internationally as Roger “Hurricane” Wilson. The story of the studio is an interesting one. In early 1973, Roger was living in his home state of New Jersey, but was wanting to return to Georgia after having attended high school there from 1967 to 1972. He had already been exposed to and was now saturated with the desire to pursue music as a lifetime career. A friend made a few phone calls looking for any possible music oriented job opportunities and came across a gentleman named Sidney Ayscue, who owned and operated the Buckhead Music Studio in North Atlanta. Roger and Sidney talked several times on the phone and it was decided that Roger could go to Atlanta and make a go of this potential opportunity. When Roger arrived back in Atlanta in June of 1973 at age 19, Sidney allowed him to move into a room in the studio by agreeing to try to expand, but realistically build a guitar teaching business. Roger’s only teaching experience was about 6 months at a little music store in Matawan, New Jersey, while his knowledge of the guitar and music was already that of 10 years. The studio was then named the Atlantis Music Studio, which placed it in the “A” section of the Yellow Pages. Roger & Sidney worked together for about a year before Sidney was starting to lose interest in teaching and was wanting to change his life’s direction. One day in August of 1974 while sitting at his desk in his small studio, the phone company called inquiring on the overdue phone bill. When Roger explained to the gentleman on the phone the situation of lately not seeing his partner around for a few days, the writing on the wall was evident that a necessary quick change would have to be made. Roger was a year into teaching fulltime, and was making a satisfactory living giving guitar lessons. He still needed the phone, but would have to open a new account, under a new name. The phone company guy stated that the Atlantis Music Studio account was now delinquent and asked Roger what name he would like to use. In having to make a split second decision, he told the gentleman to open the account under “The Roger Wilson Guitar Studio”. As he said that, the words seem to fall out like a 2 ton boulder. Roger wondered who in the world would ever take him seriously. The next day, he walked around the corner to the phone company and put down the $50.00 deposit, which seemed like a fortune at the time, on the new phone service. From that day on, the journey began.

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