1. Lesson fees will cover four half-hour lessons per month on a scheduled basis.  Payments are auto recurring on a monthly basis. Preferred method is for a bi-weekly 1 hour lesson, but weekly 30 minute lessons can be arranged. 

2. You are buying the time; you are not buying the lesson. If you choose not to show up for a lesson, you are still required to pay for the teacher’s time.

3. Teachers are only required to make up one excused lesson per month. An excused lesson is one that is called in with at least 24 hours notice. Email anytime, day or night. We also have voice mail and text at 678-296-9850.  Teachers will also be required to make up any lessons they have to cancel.

4. It is the students/parents responsibility to call the Roger Wilson Guitar Studio and find a time with the teacher to make up lessons.

5. When students decide to stop taking lessons, you must cancel the payment before the next recurring payment.  You must do this by the 25th of the month in order to stop the next month of payment. There will be no refunds or partial refunds if you choose to stop on or after the 26th of any calendar month.

We very much appreciate your business.

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